We are seasoned travelers and know that it’s nice when you stay at an establishment that considers your needs. That’s why we’ve added as many amenities we can for every room we have at the Volcanoes Park Rentals. Start your morning with high-quality coffee made or choose from a dozen high-quality teas. We even have Organic Honey & Maple Syrup!” Try our high-quality Shiatsu Massage Chair – it’s like having a 200-pound Russian masseuse work on you!

Take a hike on the jungle trails on the property! Check on availability of Yoga or Qi Gong classes led by a Certified Instructor.
Go swimming…take a Sauna or read a great book.

Adventures? Places to go? Ask Katy Joy if she has time for some suggestions!

Kitchen 2 times daily for preparing light meals. We supply dishes, silverware,
and the use of a toaster oven or microwave.

Park your car close-by at no charge:)