Personalized Individual, Family, Hawaii Group Retreats

Why Our Personalized Individual, Family,  Hawaii Group Retreat Center?

Katy Joy Freeman – LMFT, CYT, CQGI

Personalized Individual, Family, Hawaii Group RetreatsA licensed Psychotherapist: Marriage and Family Therapist, Katy Joy has been in practice for almost 20 years. She is also a certified Kundalini Yoga, Qi Gong instructor and a specialist in Mindful Living practices. Since Katy Joy uses an integrative approach to help others the result is a wellness expansion in their mind, body, and spirit.

Prior to opening Hawaii Volcanoes Park Rentals Retreat, she worked at one of California’s largest HMOs in the Department of Psychiatry for 14 years. While there, among other things, Katy Joy created, developed and facilitated the Meditation and Mindful Movement Program. She also developed and continues to implement the Mindful Living and Wellness Program for the Julie-Ann Myers Center for Healthy Change. Katy Joy has devoted her life to assisting others in living a happy and healthy life. Her creative, practical, and compassionate style is easy to embrace. She makes creating and maintaining healthy habits a possibility for those willing to take charge of their lives.

Furthermore, Katy Joy’s passion for preparing food to optimally fuel and energize the body is another gift she will offer those staying at Hawaii Volcanoes Park Rentals Retreat.

Personalized Individual, Family, Group Retreats

Private or Group Services and Classes Available with Katy Joy:

Custom Retreats designed to fit exactly what you want and need

Personalized Individual, Family, Group RetreatsWellness coaching

Mindful Living sessions

Personalized movement and meditation plans

Lessons in preparing healthy foods

Kundalini Yoga classes

Qi Gong classes

Breath workshops

Pre or Post retreat intensives to more fully integrate the changes you want to incorporate into your life

Private sessions for emotional regulation and well-being

Personalized Individual, Family, Group Retreats

Most relevant and popular personalized retreat offerings:

Mindful Eating Retreat:

This retreat is designed to help the participant create a healthy and balanced relationship with food, therefore, resulting in empowerment to release emotional eating. Ultimately, you will create eating habits that support emotional, physical, and spiritual well-being. Retreats can be uniquely designed to address weight-loss and long-term ideal body weight maintenance.

Note: Katy Joy is trained in Mindfulness Based Eating (MB-EAT).

Family Retreat

Enjoy time away from the demands of modern living by bonding, healing, while creating a family experience of well-being. This retreat is tailored to participants’ requests.

Couple’s Retreat

Since this retreat is intended to help couples reconnect, it creates an experience of deeper love and appreciation for partners.

Relationship Retreats

While designed to help participants connect to others in a meaningful way, this retreat also discovers blocks to intimacy and uncovers the freedom to enjoy your relationships in more meaningful ways.

Happiness Retreat

Finally – a retreat created to get you in touch with what truly makes you happy. Learn techniques to increase happiness in your Mind, Body, and Spirit.

Note: Katy Joy and Rick are trained in Non-Violent Communication which is a worldwide model of communication used to deepen understanding, tolerance, and communication with others.